Do you want to feel better in the skin you’re in? Are you considering a Boudoir shoot? C J Photography’s Boudoir Experience is based in Colchester, Essex and it is the ULTIMATE self-love experience.

Our Mission

As humans, we are conditioned from a young age to find faults with our bodies. Magazines and news stories about celebrities and their “perfect” bodies, who are then picked apart and make headline news because of their weight gain or loss. Photoshopped images posted online that make normal people feel inferior. Enough is enough!

We want to help people realise that the body they have is perfect just the way it is. Every scar, every dimple, they’re part of what makes us an individual.

Boudoir is often seen as taboo but we want to change that stereotype. It’s not about sex, it’s about confidence and loving the skin you’re in. Do it for yourself; to look back on the pictures for years to come and remember, you did it!

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Who Are We?

C J Boudoir is a mash up of Carly’s other businesses; C J Photography and C J Life Coaching. Carly is a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner along with being a qualified photographer. Though she doesn’t practice as a life coach now, the training still comes in really helpful. Combining her two loves of photography and helping people just made sense and C J Boudoir was born. Why not take pictures of people and help their self-confidence at the same time!

Offering a luxury service that empowers people is my dream. I want the whole world to realise that their bodies are amazing no matter what they look like.


The road to self-love and confidence is a long one but we can help with that and work on confidence building before you even get to the shoot.

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